Local Clubs (NC Triangle Area)
where most of my photos were taken

Cat's Cradle - Carrboro
Go! Studios - Carrboro
King's Barcade - Raleigh - Stuff to do this week
ChillWebCo - More club schedules


Ladyfest Index - links to most upcoming Ladyfest events

Past Festivals
Ladyfest 2000 (Olympia) - the one that started it all
Ladyfest Scotland (Glasgow) - My first overseas trip was to this festival. I had a blast hanging out in Glasgow a week before the bands arrived.

Photo archives

Lady of the Fire - She has a wealth of photos as well as a swell Mary Timony/Helium site. Plus she provided the first link to my site. :-) - Mucho mucha buncha photos and more! - photography by jasper coolidge

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