At the start of August 2002, I returned to the UK. This time I went for Ladyfest London and had a blast. I got a chance to see and take pictures of many bands that rarely play in the US. Plus this year I attended more workshops. However, I believe the best part about LF London weren't the bands or workshops -- it was all the wonderful people I got to meet! I loved seeing all the friends I made at Ladyfest Glasgow and mading many new friends. Thanks! - jws

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Day 1 Radical CheerleadersHello CucaThe HissyfitsSpy 51Maggie FortuneHolly GolightlyAngelicaKitsch KittensKaitOKiki & Herb
ValerieGertrudeThe HaggardMika BombKaren HayleyLolita StormKatastrophy Wife

Charlotte CooperMirahTender TrapSarah DougherRachel JuryRadical CheerleadersHello CucaElectrelane
The ElectroluvsFlamingo 50LinusPicoPro FormaPrinted CircuitGina BirchChicks on Speed

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